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Trending Trunks

Shop Enchanting Garlands and Backdrops for Magical Decor

Garlands in Indian Festivals: Symbolism and Splendor

Garlands are integral to Indian festivals, serving dual roles of profound symbolism and aesthetic embellishment. In religious worship, they symbolize devotion and purity, with fresh flower garlands adorning deities in temples and homes. Beyond their spiritual significance, garlands bedeck entrances and altars during festivals, evoking a celebratory spirit with their vibrant colors and fragrant blooms. Garlands also extend hospitality, welcoming and honoring guests with grace. These versatile adornments represent not only India’s rich cultural traditions but also the seamless blend of spirituality, beauty, and festivity that characterizes the country’s vibrant festivals.

Trending Trunks: Elevate Your Celebrations with Exquisite Garlands and Backdrops

At Trending Trunks, we take pride in curating the finest collection of garlands and backdrops to enhance your festive and decorative experiences. Our offerings are designed to infuse charm, elegance, and a touch of tradition into your celebrations.


  • Marigold Garlands in Multiple Colors: Add a burst of color to your festivities with our vibrant marigold garlands, available in a stunning array of hues.
  • Garjra Garlands with Lotus Bud or Lotus Hanging: Embrace the beauty of tradition with our intricately crafted garjra garlands, perfect for religious ceremonies and special occasions.
  • Marigold Garlands with Bells: Elevate your decor with the melodious touch of marigold garlands adorned with delicate bells, creating an enchanting ambiance.


  • Lotus Hanging Backdrops: Transform your space into a serene paradise with our lotus hanging backdrops, ideal for creating a tranquil and spiritually inspired setting.
  • Marigold Backdrops for Doors: Welcome guests with style using our marigold backdrops for doors, a perfect fusion of elegance and tradition.

Explore Trending Trunks to discover the perfect garlands and backdrops that will add an extra layer of beauty and grace to your celebrations and decor. Elevate your moments with our exquisite collection.

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