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LED Glitter Candle


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Trending Trunks  LED Candles Description:

Introducing our enchanting LED Glitter Candle – a mesmerizing addition to your home decor that effortlessly blends modern technology with timeless elegance. Available in four stunning colors – White, Pink, Yellow, and Green – these candles cast a warm and inviting glow that will elevate any space.

Each LED Glitter Candle is meticulously crafted to replicate the soothing flicker of a real candle, while inside, a gentle swirl of glitter dances, creating a captivating visual display. With the convenience of battery-operated LED technology, you can enjoy the ambiance of candlelight without worrying about wax spills or open flames.

Whether used for a romantic dinner, relaxing bath, or as a charming centerpiece, our LED Glitter Candle is the perfect choice for adding a touch of magic to any occasion. Illuminate your life with elegance and style – order yours today!


Green, PINK, White, Yellow


PACK OF 1, Pack of 4


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