Mini Mop: Small and Practical Cleaning Solution for all

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Multipurpose Mini Mop for Cleaning


Special Features:

* Rotatable head for easy stain removal in tight spaces effortlessly.
* Mini Sponge Mop with length 11.6*6.1 inches with easy to squeeze feature.
* Versatile usage: Eliminates table, kitchen, and car glass stains effortlessly.

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Trending Trunks Mini Mop Description:

Introducing our Strong Absorbent Mini Mop, a portable and trending solution for your cleaning needs. With a versatile dry and wet design, it effortlessly wipes away water stains and tackles dirt on various surfaces including desktops, window glass, floors, and more. Its unique round push and pull design, along with 180-degree folding capability, ensures strong compression for thorough cleaning. The mini mop’s one-handed pulling squeeze feature makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, its convenient storage options, including a perforated handle and wall-mounted design, help organize your space effectively. With an eco-friendly removable sponge head, this mini mop guarantees long-term use and efficient stain removal in small spaces like bathrooms and rooms.


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