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Window Groove Cleaning Brush (pack of 3)


Special Features:

* Perfect size for comfortable grip, keeping hands clean during use.
* Groove Cleaning Brush Comes in pack of 3.
* Washable with removable handle perfect for effortless cleaning.

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Trending Trunks Groove Cleaning Brush Description:

The Window Groove Cleaning Brush offers efficient cleaning with its ABS handle and scouring pad, ensuring a spotless finish. Measuring 14 x 8cm, it provides a comfortable grip for effortless cleaning. Its thin brush head effortlessly reaches into cracks and narrow spaces, perfect for window crevices, door tracks, and baseboards. The brush’s ergonomic handle prevents injury and provides an unobstructed view. With two pieces of fabric clipped together, it’s ideal for cleaning sliding tracks. The replaceable brush head ensures hygiene and convenience. Its versatility extends to various applications such as cleaning cooktops, range hoods, and auto car seams. Conveniently compact and easy to store, it’s a must-have for any household cleaning arsenal. Groove Cleaning Brush makes household cleaning a breeze, ensuring pristine results in every corner and gap.


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