Fast & Convenient Shoe Wipes for Effortless Sneaker Cleaning

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Shoe Wipes for Cleaning all types of Shoes


Special Features:

* Each shoe wipes comes in portable and convenient resealable packs contain 80 wipe.
* Skin friendly, cleans your shoes without removing color.
* Conveniently portable, perfect for outdoor use, fitting easily in your pocket or handbag.
* Suitable for all material type.

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Trending Trunks Shoe Wipes Description:

Experience the power of our premium shoe wipes, infused with a blend of RO pure water and cleaning solution to effectively tackle marks, stains, and dirt on your footwear. Our skin-safe formula ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning without any harmful chemicals. Conveniently designed for one-step cleaning, these wipes require no water—just wipe and refresh your shoes instantly.

Portable and resealable, they’re perfect for use on-the-go or at home. Safe for various materials including nylon, cotton, mesh, and leather, with a fresh scent and no harsh chemicals. Not just for shoes, our wipes also work wonders on leather bags and handbags. Enjoy fast and easy clean-up with our disposable shoe wipes, ideal for sneakers, sports shoes, and sandals. Simply swipe to tackle tough marks and scuffs, leaving your shoes looking almost like new. Elevate your cleaning routine with our convenient and effective shoe wipes.


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