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Toothbrush Cover Case For Travelling(pack of 2)


Special Features:

* Organize toothbrush and toothpaste with our portable travel case solution.
* Easy-open twist-lock, secure grip groove, convenient picking sling.
* Compact and light toothbrush box holds 2 brushes and toothpaste.
* Versatile travel toothbrush case: gargle cup, toothpaste, cosmetics, floss, shavers.

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Trending Trunks Toothbrush Cover Description:

Travel with ease using our portable toothbrush cover traveling case, ensuring your oral hygiene essentials stay organized. Adorned with charming animal patterns and equipped with a protective cover, it shields against dust and accidental drops during your journey. The vertical stripe surface adds a stylish touch, while the food-grade PP material ensures safety and non-toxicity. This lightweight and compact toothbrush cover is an ideal companion for various occasions such as traveling, camping, road trips, and business trips, as well as for everyday use at home. Bid farewell to messy toiletry bags and welcome the convenience of toothbrush cover that keep your dental care items neat and accessible wherever you go. Travel smart and keep your toothbrush and toothpaste secure with our reliable and stylish portable toothbrush travel case.


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